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38 children at 37

 Jun 19, 2017

A Ugandan lady, 37 years old, has 38 children from one husband. Amazing as it sounds, Mariam Nebatancy lives with all 38 of them. She was married off at the tender age of 12 and since then became pregnant 15 times. She has given birth to 6 twins, 4 triplets, 3 quadruples and has twice delivered single children, totalling 38 in all. Mariam said that she had adopted preventive measures to stop her pregnancy but, nothing proved effective.

The main reason for these multiple births is said to be a peculiar condition of ‘Hyper ovulation’. She says smilingly,”Being a mother is a blessing from God”. Mariam is used to alarge family as her father has 45 chidren from different wives.

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