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Ford unveils CUV ‘Freestyle’ at Rs 5.09 lakh

Ford unveils CUV ‘Freestyle’ at Rs 5.09 lakh

 Apr 29, 2018

Ford on Friday launched ‘Freestyle’ claiming it to be country’s first Compact Utility Vehicle (CUV) at a compelling price starting from Rs 5.09 lakh in Chandigarh.

Speaking on the occasion, Ruchik Shah, General Manager, Product marketing of the company, said ‘Ford Freestyle’ is an all-new global product from Ford combines SUV like robust design, benchmark performance, innovative technologies, outstanding fuel efficiency, available in four variants across two fuel options and six new colours.

“The CUV is designed for the young, new age, emerging customers who aspire to own an SUV like vehicle,” Shah said and added that the ‘Freestyle’ comes embedded with all-new three-cylinder 1.2L KiVCT petrol engine that is small, light, strong, paired with five speed lighter transmission and delivers outstanding fuel efficiency of 19 km per litre. The naturally aspirated engine will generate best-in-class 96 PS of peak power and 120 Nm of torque to deliver Ford’s fun-to-drive DNA, he said.

Besides petrol engine, consumers will continue to have a choice to opt for Ford’s trusted 1.5L TDCi diesel engine that generates class-leading 100 PS peak power and 215 Nm of torque and delivers mileage of 24.4 km. per litre, Shah shared. Listing other all-new features and technologies, he said Ford has introduced innovative and first-in-class intelligent technology, Active Rollover Prevention (ARP) with the Freestyle what works with Electronic Stability Control and applies brakes on relevant wheels to decrease engine torque and help prevent any potential rollover situations.  (UNI)

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