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Delhi pretender Doc arrested

Delhi pretender Doc arrested

 Apr 16, 2018

Adnan Khurram [19] was arrested for pretending to be a Doctor for the past 5 months at AIIMS, New Delhi. He is believed to have used a fake identity to make friends across departments and among students. He had even partaken in various events held at AIIMS such as marathons, strikes, etc. convincingly fooling all around.

When law caught up with him, Khurram had no choice but to surrender. It is still unclear why he did this impersonation. Police are intrigued by his knowledge of medicines and doctors’ names. He has been changing his statements to the police frequently as to why he did this impersonation. One reason given by him was that he pretended to be a doctor at AIIMS in order to help a sick relative get admission easily. On another occasion he said he had done this because he likes to spend time with doctors as this is a profession he had wanted to take up.

Khurram’s moves were noticed to be suspicious as he would wear the lab coat and stethoscope at all times. It was also noticed that he roamed around the hospital and made different claims to different people. To some he would say he was a junior doctor and to others he would say he was an under graduate medical student.

RDA President Harjit Singh said that since AIIMS has around 2000 resident doctors, it is difficult to know each and every doctor individually and it seems that this is the point that Khurram took full advantage of for five months.

On Saturday, he had participated in the Marathon and when he was questioned about his identity, he was unable to give convincing answers. He was immediately caught and handed over to the police. The police say that he has no criminal record. It was found that he had uploaded a number of pictures of himself wearing a white coat and stethoscope on social media. He has been charged under Sections 419[impersonation] and 468 [forgery for purpose of cheating] of the IPC at the Hauz Khas police station, New Delhi.

Khurram is a native of Bihar. He lived in Batla House near Jamia Nagar.

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