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Rapes will not stop till punishment is as barbaric as act: Manjari Fadnis

Rapes will not stop till punishment is as barbaric as act: Manjari Fadnis

 Apr 16, 2018

Expressing her anguish over the incidents of rape in Kathua and Unnao, Bollywood actor Manjari Fadnis has asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ensure that punishment for such incidents should be as 'barbaric as the act.

In an open letter to the Prime Minister, Manjari describing the act of rape as ' worse than a cold blooded murder" said: 'In your reign can you at least gift the women of this country their freedom and safety by making the punishment for rape so gruesome and spine chilling that any (so called) man shudders at consequences of committing a rape, even before the thought of committing the heinous crime, and immediately backs off. Rapes in our country will not stop till the punishment is as barbaric as the act.' Describing the act of rape as ' worse than a cold blooded murder", she said that even a juvenile should not escape the wrath of this.

'It’s worse than a cold blooded murder. Here you kill a woman’s soul... There is no freedom without the feeling of safety. Not even a juvenile boy should escape the wrath of this. Because rape is an adult crime even if performed by a juvenile, deserving an adult punishment. By the age of 13 a child knows the difference between right and wrong. For sure, he understands when he is committing a crime or when he is inflicting pain on another person not to mention the torture in the form of rape?' she said.

Lamenting that over five years after the Nirbhaya incident, the situation continued to be the same, Manjari said, 'they say it takes time to change laws or bring in new laws in the Constitution... How much time are we talking about here? It’s been five years already since Nirbhaya. The so called juvenile (almost a few months from turning 18) ‘Boy’ in Nirbhaya’s case who is now 23-year-old walks free in the open remorseless of his crime. How is any woman safe? Bring him back & Hang him too!' There has been widespread outrage and protests across the country over the incidents of rapes in Unnao and Kathua. (UNI)


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