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Manik Sarkar seeks bungalow and vehicle

Manik Sarkar seeks bungalow and vehicle

 Apr 16, 2018

After a month of staying in CPI (M) party office, former Chief Minister of Tripura, Manik Sarkar last week asked for a government accommodation and other privileges and protocol amenities supposed to be accorded to the leader of opposition.

Despite having relatives in the city, Sarkar couple shifted to party office last month moving out from the chief minister’s bungalow and later he was elected as leader of the opposition party.

In a letter to assembly Secretary, Sarkar asked to provide him an accommodation in the upcoming VIP housing closed to chief minister's bungalow and vehicle like Innova or Scorpio.

He also demanded reappointment of his former and presently retired private secretary for him on contract basis in the office of the leader of the opposition. Manik Sarkar's letters to the assembly seeking amenities triggered mixed response in the political circle.

While CPI (M) termed it as unfortunate, BJP explained it as reflection of Sarkar's luxury. Sarkar said because of his physical problem he had to leave riding in Ambassador but on the day of swearing in ceremony of the new government, an Ambassador was sent for him.

“I had to refuse the vehicle because I was not in a position to ride in it,” Sarkar added. “Later, I request assembly administration to allot me a vehicle like Innova and Scorpio; otherwise, it would be difficult for me to travel. As leader of the opposition, I have to travel across the state, if vehicle is not comfortable and it is injurious to me, how I can move,” Sarkar asked. “However, afterwards I have been provided with a Scorpio, which has already run more than 1.25 lakh kilometres in last five years. So, I did not accept it,” he stated.

The CPI (M) party considered the gesture to Manik Sarkar as not proper and befitting. On the other, BJP Vice President Subal Bhowmik said none of the minister has got accommodation even the chief minister. Most of the ministers have remained in their earlier accommodations and rented houses and of course the government will decide about leader of the opposition.

“In case of Manik Sarkar, he will definitely be given accommodation as he was former chief minister and now also he was elected as leader of the opposition. Rest of his demands is completely personal and I don’t want to get into it,” Bhowmik said.

The homeless chief minister of the country Manik Sarkar had shifted to CPI-M party office at Melarmath area of the city with his wife, a retired central government employee Panchali Bhattacharjee.

Sarkar was 4th term chief minister of Tripura and tagged as poorest chief minister won his seat Dhanpur but refused to go in MLA hostel. He preferred to shift in a two room accommodation at the top floor of the office.

Sarkar has donated his parental property to his sister long back but did not possess any land. He is having movable property of Rs 12.19 lakh and immovable property of Rs 21 lakh. His wife has been landed into controversy over constructing a flat on her ancestral property in the city but it is not completed.

Earlier, also former chief minister Manik Sarkar and Deputy chief minister Baidyanath Majumdar had been lodging in party office till his death, as they did not have property in the city. Manik Sarkar also preferred to follow the suit of his predecessors and mentors. (UNI)


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