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Goa Central Library launches mobile library

Goa Central Library launches mobile library

 Apr 16, 2018

Aimed at creating a knowledge-based society, not only in urban areas but in rural as well, Krishnadas Shama Goa State Central Library in the city has launched mobile library. According to Dr Carlos M Fernandes, Curator of the Library, the idea is to reach out to the poor people who cannot afford to come to the cities or have some problems to reach city libraries. It was also for inculcating reading habits among the rural folks so that reading culture was developed and knowledge based society was built, he told UNI.

Sharing details of the library which was inaugurated by Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on November 20, 2017, Fernandes said,' A unique procedure we have followed to reach out to the remote villages through the assistance of Automobile Corporation of Goa Ltd (ACGL) and coordinated by Rotary Club of Panaji Mid-Town to inculcate reading habits among the rural youth.'

The mobile library has around 5,000 books which include encylopaedias, dictionaries, novels, moral studies, subject books and books for children. The van goes every week to every village with the help of village persons or village schools.

'We identify the area and reach by 11 O'Clock in the morning to the premises. We talk to the school premises or the panchayat area people and show our collections and we allow them to browse the books in the mobile library van. If they require the books we allow them to take home for one month. The criteria for issuing a book is just any photo identity card and there is no registration fee or any format. Anyone can come with an identity card and get a book of his or her choice. All the books are meant for home lending. Readers can even recommend books which are not available in the van,' Fernandes said.

'In the next visit when we go there we go with the book. We are also going to each houses in nearby areas so that if somebody wants a book, we can give them the book. We have latest magazines on the topics like agriculture which has information related to new crops, cattle breeding, cattle diseases etc. Our library staff are fully trained to support any kind of reader,' he said.

He said presently there was one vehicle used for the mobile library and two more proposals had gone-- one to Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) and one to Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC). ACGL was trying to give one more van depending on the request of the locals, Fernandes said, adding the interior of the van had been designed by the staff of the library and the ACGL.

Speaking about investment made for the library, he said while the library had purchased books, specially for the mobile library van, investing Rs two lakh, the van costing Rs 25 lakh was given by ACGL. 'We are trying to reach each and every place of the state. The van has visited urban areas also and soon it would be visiting slums as well,' Fernandes added. He said the library started visiting different places of the on December 7, 2017 and till date it had visited places like Sattari, Taleigao, Mapusa, Bicholim and Pernem in North Goa district. (UNI)


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