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Gaganshakti: IAF & Army conduct Battalion level airborne assault

Gaganshakti: IAF & Army conduct Battalion level airborne assault

 Apr 15, 2018

Indian Air Force (IAF) and Indian Army parachute brigade in a joint operation undertook a Battalion level airborne assault in the desert sector on Saturday night as part of air warriors’ pan-India ‘Gaganshakti’ exercise.

This assault included paradrop of 560 paratroopers, combat vehicles and GPS guided cargo platforms.

The landing force was dropped behind the simulated enemy lines to soften up the likely resistance to our own armoured offensive.

The airborne force comprised six C-130J and seven An-32 aircraft launched from multiple IAF bases. The force was provided aerial surveillance by AWACS and protected by a Flight of SU-30 Air Superiority Fighters, the IAF said in a statement.

Airborne operations are a means of aerial insertion of troops, equipment or supplies directly into the battle zone. (UNI)

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