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Naidu plans fast on birthday

Naidu plans fast on birthday

 Apr 15, 2018

The Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Chandrababu, plans to celebrate his birthday on April 20 by eating nothing.

He has planned a day-long hunger strike at Amaravati in protest against the injustice meted out to the state by the NDA government at the Centre. He has been demanding special category status for the new state.

Naidu's announcement came in the wake of the day-long fast observed by the Prime Minister,  Narendra Modi on April 12 in protest against the recent washout of the budget session of Parliament. 

Naidu said, at a public meeting after unveiling the model of Ambedkar memorial garden proposed at Sakhamuru in Guntur district that his fast is to protest the betrayal of faith by  Modi and demand the fulfilment of the promises made in the AP Reorganisation Act.

'The Prime Minister took up one-day fast though he was responsible for the logjam. But I am going to take up the fast for the rights of the state and there will be no compromise,' he said. 'Modi is junior to me in politics. I became chief minister in 1995 and Modi in 2002. Now, he is resorting to conspiracy to weaken the state by colluding with YSR Congress party,' he pointed out.

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