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The horror does not end: Minor girl raped and killed in Surat

The horror does not end: Minor girl raped and killed in Surat

 Apr 15, 2018

Even as the horrific stories of rape of a minor in Unnao, UP, and of a still younger, innocent in Kathua have stirred the conscience of the country comes news from Surat of another gruesome rape case. The victim has not been identified. The 11 year old was confined and raped for 8 days.

On April 6th the body was found lying in a cricket ground in Bhestan area in Surat. The body of the young girl bore 86 injury marks. Reports indicate that she was perhaps strangulated to death. The wounds seem to have been inflicted with a wooden object.

A 5 hour long postmortem revealed that she had been raped and tortured for at least 8 days. While the police are trying to find her identity, no family member has come forward to claim the body. Police investigations are on full swing. The killers have remained unidentified so far.

The police are not ruling out the possibility of the girl having been killed elsewhere and the body thrown here to put the police off their tracks. A case has been registered under POSCO.

The frequency of rapes on minors is indeed a big worry on the minds of the public. The brutality and brazenness of these acts are disturbing. This has to stop and only stringent measures against the perpetrators can act as a deterrent. A collective will to catch the culprits is what is needed.

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