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Mr Yeddyurappa committing crime by announcing that he had meals in Dalits House: Patil

Mr Yeddyurappa committing crime by announcing that he had meals in Dalits House: Patil

 Apr 15, 2018

Senior Congress leader and Karnataka Minister Sharan Prakash Patil on Saturday alleged that projecting about having meals in a Dalit's house by Mr Yeddyurappa as a great achievement itself was a crime against humanity and unconstitutional. It clearly shows the BJP is belittling Dalits.

Talking to the press persons, Mr Patil said that “Yeddyurappa goes to the houses of many others and has food there. Does he propagate it as a great achievement? Why did he then project his Dalit house visits? It clearly shows that he is belittling Dalits. He is looking down upon the Dalit community. That is why he projects his visits as a great honour to them. It is a crime.”

Referring to Mallikaya Guttedar joining BJP, he said that he is an opportunist who embraced BJP ahead of Assembly elections after enjoying powers in Congress. He also said that BJP’s intention to develop Guttedar as a counterweight to senior Congress leader M Mallikarjun Kharge in Hyderabad-Karnataka region would fail.

“We cannot compare Mr Kharge with Mr Guttedar on any count. Mr Kharge is a tall leader who undeniably contributed much to the development of backward Hyderabad-Karnataka region. Despite being a six-time MLA and Minister Mr Guttedar’s contributions to the region are negligible. Mr Guttedar had time and again attacked BJP’s anti-secular and communal politics in the past. But he has now joined the same party. If he had discontentment in Congress, why didn’t he quit it earlier and why did he join BJP ahead of elections? It is clear that he wanted to enjoy power in the Congress till the Congress-led government completes its term and then to quit it. He is an opportunist politician,” Mr Patil alleged.

When asked about Mr Guttedar’s declared intention of joining BJP to defeat Congress in Hyderabad-Karnataka, Mr Patil sarcastically advised Mr Guttedar to win Afzalpur constituency where he was contesting, let alone the other segments in the region. (UNI)


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