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Honey Singh's comeback songs cross 300 million views on Youtube

Honey Singh's comeback songs cross 300 million views on Youtube

 Apr 14, 2018

Music sensation Yo Yo Honey Singh's comeback songs 'Dil Chori' and 'Chote Chote Peg' have crossed an impressive 300 million views on Youtube, showcasing the crazy fan following the composer enjoys.

After a brief break, Honey Singh treated his fans with not just one but two songs receiving a roaring response from the audience.

The party songs not only topped the charts in a very short span of time but also became the audience's favourite. Launched just around New Year's Eve, 'Dil Chori' and 'Chote Chote Peg' became the most played songs at clubs on New Year's Eve.

The chartbusters recently crossed almost 300 million mark on Youtube with a whopping 210 million views for Dil Chori and 90 million views for 'Chote Chote Peg'. Fans have showered their abundant love on the music star after waiting for the much-anticipated comeback.

Renowned singer and the original composer of 'Chote Chote Peg' showered Honey Singh with appreciation on the success of the rehashed version. He earlier said, "I think such music is the demand of today’s youngsters and Honey Singh has delivered it well. Instead of criticising, we should appreciate him and let the youth enjoy this music".

Ecstatic about the success of his comeback songs, Honey Singh shared, "It is overwhelming to receive such an astounding response to my comeback songs. I've been working on a number of songs recently and want to come up with more interesting tunes that the audience can enjoy. Such love from the fans keeps me going and motivating me to do better."

'Dheere Dheere' by Honey Singh was the first Indian Single to cross the 200 million mark on Youtube, with 'Dil Chori' the singer once again recreates magic with his music.

Honey Singh has been one of the most loved music sensations of the nation with his sensational party anthems like High Heels, Blue Eyes, Lungi Dance, Dope Shope, Desi Kalakaar, Angrezi Beat being all-time favorite chartbusters. Synonymous with the party genre, Honey Singh became a trendsetter in Bollywood with his music revolution.

After the phenomenal response to 'Dil Chori' and 'Chote Chote Peg', the anticipation to witness the upcoming music videos of the star is sure to rise. (UNI)

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