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Sumeet Vyas's character in 'High Jack' was voluntary

Sumeet Vyas's character in 'High Jack' was voluntary

 Apr 14, 2018

Both Sumeet and Akarsh make for a magical duo on the small screen.

When Akarsh narrated the script of 'High Jack' to his friend Sumeet, the actor was instantly drawn to the character of DJ Rockesh. Interestingly, the casting of Summet's character DJ Rockesh was voluntary.

Director Akarsh Khurana has worked with Sumeet before on a digital platform 'Tripling', while they were shooting for the digital show Akarsh gave the rough script of 'High Jack' to Sumeet for his feedback.

He loved the script, and in an instant he expressed desire to play Rockesh on the big screen. It is Sumeet and Akarsh's first big screen outing together.

His character is of Rakesh Saluja aka Sumeet Vyas who will be returning to the silver screen with 'High Jack' will be seen playing a Wannabe DJ - DJ Rock-esh aka DJ Rakshas in the film.

The trailer which showcases some madcap scenes and a unique concept, all happening in the sky has garnered love and appreciation from across the quarters. With 'High Jack', Phantom Films is all set to bring to the audience Bollywood's first ever stoner comedy which is slated to release on World Stoner Day.

The film involves some madcap scenes and a unique concept, all happening in the sky. 'High Jack' marks the entry of Viu, the leading international OTT Video Service, into films. Produced by Phantom films in association with Viu, 'High Jack' directed by Akarsh Khurana is slated to release on April 20. (UNI)

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