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Rangasamy functioning as Modi’s 'agent', alleges CM

Rangasamy functioning as Modi’s 'agent', alleges CM

 Apr 14, 2018

Stating that the opposition N R Congress here failed to extend support to the bandh called by all political parties on April 5, Puducherry Chief Minister V Narayansamy on Saturday charged that N R Congress was functioning in support of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the Cauvery Management Board issue and it’s president Rangasamy's functioning as an “agent” of Modi.

Talking to news persons, Mr Narayanasamy referred to Rangasamy criticising him for boycotting the PM’s function in Chennai in spite of an invitation to protest the failure to constitute the CMB and detailed the efforts taken by the Congress government to press for the constitution of CMB.

Pointing out the several all-party meetings convened by the government, he said the N R Congress attended only one meeting, adding that the N R Congress is not concerned with the plight of the people of Karaikal region.

The Chief Minister said, when the Prime Minister visited Puducherry, he along with his cabinet colleagues talked to him for 25 minutes and pressed for the constitution of CMB.

N R Congress was not there in the Assembly when the resolution in this regard was adopted, he said, adding that Mr Rangasamy had opined that Mr Modi should have taken initiatives if Narayansamy met him in Chennai in the inaugural function of the military exhibition. (UNI)

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