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Awards do matter, says A R Rahman

Awards do matter, says A R Rahman

 Apr 14, 2018

Music maestro R Rahman may have won many national and international awards, including Oscar. Still, he feels happy about winning two national awards in the 65th national awards announced the other day.

Rahman has won awards for the best original score for Mani Ratham’s Tamil film ‘Kattru Veliyidai’ and for the best background score for Sridevi’s last Hindi movie Mom .Awards and recognition bring joy not only to him but also his team and family and friends, he says in an interview to Deccan Chronicle.

Says he: ‘‘Awards like this make people who believe in my music, my team who are working with me so hard and family and friends feel good.The most important thing is to be relevant in times.’’

Rahman, director Mani Rathnam and songwriter Vairamuthu have been working together for the past 25 years. “Working with Mani is a always a pleasure. There is also pressure. I would keep giving him tunes and suddenly he would come up with something I did earlier for him which we might not have used. He still preserves tunes which I gave for Roja (his first movie)”.

Rahman describes Mani Rathnam as “ an amazing reservoir of great ideas and receptive to wild ones and makes the music organic”. With modesty, Rahman gives all the credit to Mani Rathnam. “I do only the music. All the magic is from Mani”.

the award for film ‘Mom’, Rahman says it is a tragedy Sridevi, who has won best actress award, had died before the release of the film. ‘‘Sridevi came from Mumbai specially to tell him that she wanted to work with him for a long time “So, I couldn’t say no. Moreover, I knew Mom’s director Ravi Udyawar for many years as we worked in commercials. So we gelled well”.

Rahman says Sridevi took this bold subject( of a mother who avenges a crime committed against her step-daughter) and did extremely well. Had she been alive, she would have been really happy, he feels.

Shashaa Tirupati, an Indo-Canadian playback singer has won an award for Best Female Singer for the song ‘Vaan Varuvaan’ (Kaatru Veliyidai). This is her first national award, and Shashaa says:“All credit should go to Rahmanji. It is his music, his song. It is such an emotional song that I prayed to God that I should not break down while singing”.

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