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Nine awarded capital punishment in a triple murder case

Nine awarded capital punishment in a triple murder case

 Apr 14, 2018

Additional District Sessions Judge of Gunupur Subhendu Kumar Pati on Friday awarded capital punishment to nine persons holding them guilty of killing three members of a family.

According to the prosecution, three members of a family of Kitunga village in Rayagada district were brutally killed and buried by the accused in 2016 who suspected them of practicing sorcery.

The convicts identified as Ajanta Sabara, Bubhuna Sabara, Maluku Sabara, Podantu Sabara, Iru Sabara, Lakia Sabara, Degun Sabara, Dasanta Sabara and Dalsa Sabara attacked the family members on September 9, 2016.

The accused brutally killed Ashina Sabara, his wife Amai along with their elder daughter Ashamani and buried their bodies in a nearby forest. They later burnt the bodies in a bid to destroy the evidence.

The police during the course of investigation, arrested ten persons including a juvenile in connection with the triple murder.

Sources said the accused had suspected the family responsible for the death of few villagers due to some illness and attributed their death due to the sorcery practiced by the family members.

On the night of September 9, 2016, the accused barged into the house of Ashina Sabara and attacked the family members killing Ashina, his wife and their daughter and buried the bodies.

One of the daughter of Ashina who survived the attack later informed the police about the brutal murder and the accused burnt the bodies after exhuming them to destroy all the evidence. (UNI)

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