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Restrictions imposed on sale of fairness creams with steroids

Restrictions imposed on sale of fairness creams with steroids

 Apr 09, 2018

It is a well known fact that in recent years fairness creams and ointments have flooded the Indian market. The average Indian’s longing for a fair skin tone is widespread and these creams have been exploiting that yearning with clever advertising and so successfully pushing up the sales of these creams. Nobody has bothered to find out what the contents of these creams are. And when popular actors and sportsmen endorse them and the gullible consumer believes it all!

Now, the Union Health Ministry has restricted the sale of fairness creams and ointments containing steroids over the counter [OTC]. They have been listed under Schedule H wherein the doctor’s prescription is necessary. Chemists have been warned that anyone found selling these creams without prescription will be punished by the Controller of Drugs.

The Health Ministry has banned 14 steroid based creams. Dermatologists say that steroids can damage the skin and people have been using them because they are unaware of the dangers. They are happy that the ministry has banned these and commended the move. However they were of the opinion that more needs to be done especially with regard to the implementation of this ban. The banned creams are those with alclometasone, beclomethasone, desomide, desoximetasone, flucinonide, halobetasone, methylpredincarbte and triancilon acetonide, etc.

The decision to ban the sale of these steroid containing creams was taken in consultation with the Drugs Technical Advisory Board [DTAB] which had earlier recommended ban on the sale of such creams without prescription.


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