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More sinned against than  sinning?

More sinned against than  sinning?

 Jun 18, 2017

The bobbitization case is taking fresh turns day by day with the girl involved and the police changing their stance. It is now the girl versus the police, as the Swami whose genital was chopped off about a month back, following an alleged rape attempt, appears innocent by latest turn of events. While Swami Gangesananda who has been under police custody ever since the incident is undergoing treatment approached the court for bail, the girl has called for a CBI enquiry to the whole case alleging that there were several hidden conspiracies. She also charged that top police officers were in a bid to sabotage the case and protect the real villains. The police probing the case meanwhile approached the court demanding   that the girl be subjected to detailed medical examination including brain mapping and polygraph test. The Women’s Commission which had taken cudgels against the Swami and also the Media which had blown the  case out of proportions are lately confused by the interesting though intriguing turn.  

As reported earlier by this portal the girl wrote to a Thriuvananthapuram based lawyer that the Swami was innocent and  that  there was neither  a rape attempt by him nor any sort of sexual misbehaviour ever since she knew him. The lawyer who moved a bail application on behalf of the Swami before the court also produced the above letter. In the letter reportedly written by the girl, it was alleged that three other men including her boy friend Ayyappadas were behind the conspiracy culminating in the bobbitization. However in a subsequent telephone conversation between the lawyer and the girl which was aired by the visual media, the girl was heard telling the lawyer that though she had not intentionally chopped off the Swami’s genitals, she had waived a knife on him as instructed by Ayyappadas. With the media playing up case again, the girl and her mother appeared before the Additional District and Sessions Judge on Friday with the plea that the case be entrusted to CBI for an impartial and effective investigation, as they had lost trust in the local police. They also suspected that there was a deep rooted conspiracy hatched out by some top police officials behind the whole incident. As per the first information report by the police on the case, Swami Gangesananda tried to rape the girl following which she chopped off his genital and reported at the nearby police station. She has now retracted from the original statement recorded by the police that she was raped. In the wake of inconsistencies in the girl’s statements, the police approached the court for arranging brain mapping and polygraph test.

Now brain mapping and polygraph tests could be conducted only with the consent and cooperation of the girl. Significantly no medical test has either been conducted on the girl so far. No case was also not registered against the girl although she herself had initially admitted that she bobbitized the Swami.

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