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Delay in marriages, stress, alcohol causing infertility

Delay in marriages, stress, alcohol causing infertility

 Apr 01, 2018

Unsystematic lifestyle, increasing stress, delay in marriages for career or other reasons and intake of harmful chemicals through foods grown with excessive use of pesticides and fertilisers, causing infertility in young couples, said Dr Pawan Yadav fertility specialist and Laparoscopic surgeon.

Dr Yadav told UNI here on Sunday that even today the society blames the girl after marriage if the couple is unable to have a child but recent studies have proved that infertility cases in men are increasing rapidly due to many reasons including delay in marriage, over stress and unsystematic lifestyle.

Dr Yadav said delay in marriages greatly affects the fertility of a woman, reducing the possibility of conception. These days a huge number of couples are fighting infertility due to their age. “There is a slow decline in pregnancy rates in the early 30s. This decline is more substantial in the late 30s and early 40s,” he underlined.

He said that in treatment of childless couple psychological treatment is very important and for that mental pain and stress of couple is the foremost thing to be taken care of. Proper counselling sessions are required to understand the details of cause of infertility, plans about investigation, treatment available and chances of success.

Basic tests have to be conducted to find the problem creating infertility, Dr Yadav said adding that these tests include general blood examination, x-ray and ultra sound and some hormonal tests of women. These hormone tests are necessary to find whether hormone levels in the body are adequate to prepare eggs (ovulation) and to prepare lining of uterus where the embryo (fertilised egg) attaches to grow. Certain immunological investigations may also be recommended.

Apart from that to figure out diseases like tuberculosis of uterus, tube and ovary hysteron-laparoscopy is needed, he said. Once the problem is found, treatment is be planned according to that.

Dr Yadav said that semen analysis of man is also important as in many cases it can be the root of the problems. To find out defects in counts, motility or activity of sperms’ shape or morphology of sperms, any antisperm antibodies (ASA) or infections in semen tests have to be conducted, he pointed out.

Speaking about the treatments, Dr Yadav said that about 80 couples out of hundred get treated by simple conservative treatment- only by treatment of infections, treatment of hormonal imbalances by drugs and fertility enhancing surgical procedures like myoma removal, septum division, tubal opening by microsurgery, endometrial, cysts removal, ovarian drilling and adhesiolysis. Only 20 percent couples need sophiscated management like intrauterine insemination of semen of husband or donor (IUI-H or IUI-D), invitro fertilisation (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (IVF-ICSI). Thus both husband and wife are investigated and treated together.

The treatment varies with the problems and many factors of the couple provides better results when advanced technology along with experienced team works together, Dr Yadav said adding that without any delay couples should follow most scientific procedures to figure out exact problems and their treatments. (UNI)

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